The grid is a marvel of modern civilization
Reliable electricity underpins every aspect of modern life. But the grid only works if electricity production equals consumption. Grid operators match supply to demand every minute of every day. Historically, they've done this by turning fossil fuel plants up and down to meet demand.
To decarbonize, the grid must evolve

As intermittent wind and solar take over, we need to find ways to use more energy when it’s available, and less when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining.

We believe this requires a connected, dynamic, flexible grid, not the monolith we have today.

We're building a more dynamic grid
Instead of using fossil fuels for grid balancing, we use EVs, heat pumps, solar panels, and batteries. We connect them to electricity markets to help kick fossil fuels out of the grid.

We’re going to leave dinosaur bones in the dinosaur age.

Founders of axle, Karl Bach and Archy de Berker

Karl Bach

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Archy de Berker

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